blue_jadeGet ready to travel to Hawaii on the talk story breezes of a serial blog.  North Kohala is modeled after Olde Tyme radio shows with weekly episodes, complete with the “duh duh dunh…” at the end of each week’s installment. Chapters are generally posted every Sunday in Hawaii, meaning Monday for many of you.

Experience the Big Island through the lens of locals living on a coffee farm and dreaming up stuff.  Some of it is true.  Some of it is slightly exaggerated.  Most of it is a work of fiction.  Sit back with your umbrella drink and put your feet in some sunshine as you read about paradise.

Mahalo nui loa for reading our stories.


David & Sarah

aka “Charlie Tioli”

Special Mahalo to Suzanne deCillia for generously sharing images of her paintings for this series.  The beauty of Hawaii is well-represented by you, Suzi.

Series 1 from the beginning…


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Mahalo for this fun story, I am breathlessly waiting for the next chapter, way down at the end. So happy to see Suzi’s paintings featured. It does make me homesick to read of the beauty of the islands (old Maui girl).But better than having nothing but old pictures. Again, Mahalo Nui, Lynne Young


    1. Thank you Lynne! We appreciate you reading the story and joining us for Kumai’s adventures. We’ll be sure to bring as much of Hawaii’s charms to you as we can.

      Mahalo nui loa,

      Sarah and David
      aka Charlie Tioli


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